Wednesday, February 25, 2004

hmmmm.. im actually thinking of re-doing this blog again..anyone care to help? hahaha.. haven't done something like this in a long long time.. and guess what? so many things have changed since the last time i blogged!! haha.. my results are gonna be out next week.. and my life is gonna change again.. sigh.. wonder what i'll be feeling then.. :| eek.. it is scary.. just today i was talking to mark and wei'en abt it.. and we were talking abt looking towards eternity instead of focusing on our lives on earth and stuff.. results included.. that to me is hard in itself.. and this thing about trusting God.. i learnt so much abt faith today.. in Hebrews 11.. how the people in the OT exercised so much faith.. heh.. really wanna learn from them.. and trusting God for my results IS a good start..

oh well.. anyway.. besides waiting for my a level results.. i've been basically working a little.. well not really considered working la.. giving piano, giving tuition.. learning driving.. going for danielites.. (in fact tmr im going for a retreat that will last till fri).. and after taking my piano theory and driving theory exams, i'm planning to look for work.. for awhile at least.. just to experience.. yupyup.. that's it for now!

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