Monday, March 29, 2004

hmm.. i've been in a stressed mood lately.. terribly stressed..
so many things are happening around me and sometimes i just don't noe how to handle them..

Thursday, March 25, 2004

hmm.. it's been quite some time since i last wrote an entry... this week has been an eventful week..
i started my first week of work.. running after a whole bunch of squeamish kindergarten kids.. haha.. but it's quite enjoyable.. and a good experience.. cos i may wanna work as something to do with kids next time.. esp special kids
the kids there are at times lovable.. but can really raise my blood pressure thousand-fold at times also.. :|

there are two rather special children in each session.. one in morning one in afternoon.. the one in the morning session seems to be a world of her own.. but according to the teachers there, she's not autistic.. cos her mum brought her for "testing"... yup.. i get her to come up and do her homework with me.. and yup.. im feeling quite drawn to her.. cos i find that she's really special.. in a sense.. maybe cos i wanna work with such kids next time.. heh.. the rest of the class are as lovable.. but they're sooooo active.. heh

as for the afternoon session, the "special" kid there is HYPER ACTIVE to the MAX!! haha.. i spend half my time calling her and chasing after her.. but she's also really sweet.. and at times.. vain.. :> the girls in the afternoon session are very sweet while the guys are sooooo restless.. i even got a sore throat on wednesday cos i shouted at them too much.. heh :|

all in all, working life IS quite tiring.. but i enjoy what i do.. so i don't mind the lethargy.. at times.. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2004

heh.. can't help but blog this down.. it's supposed to be something serious but i can't help feeling amazed and a little amused.. dunno whether this is in the news but there was an armed robbery in JB and it is suspected that the culprits have fled to the island of tekong.of all places...
so anyway.. my friends are all stuck and quarantined inside there and there are lots of police cars there now.. my classmate was cursing and swearing just now.. heh.. cos if the culprits aren't caught those poor ns men won't be able to book out tmr or sat.. oops..
yeah.. and guard duty has to be done in standard battle order.. wow.. amazing.. yeah.. come to think of it.. it IS dangerous.. cos the culprits are armed.. so well.. hope they get caught soon..
anyway my day was quite good.. went to rachie's in the morning to have bio tuition.. we did asexual reproduction today.. i was super drowsy from the cold medicine last night.. so i couldn't concentrate much.. feared lots for my driving later as well..
yup.. after that we headed down to harbourfront for lunch.. and shared a set meal at pastamania.. today those serving us were in a bad mood so we got a small serving..
:( and yup.. we talked abt stuff.. abt life.. talked crap as well.. hee.. what's new anyway? heh..
after that i went for driving.. and yay!! i passed my evaluation for module 1!! so the next time i have a lesson, im going out on the roads! hahaha.. yup.. my instructor is very niao.. he has to have an official evaluation.. this period of time where i can't ask him questions and where i have to make my own decisions.. but anyway thank God i passed.. i was thinking i was never gonna make it past the slope.. :s hahahaha..

Monday, March 15, 2004

sigh.. im in quite a saddened mood now.. just talked to someone who has kinda given up on himself and life.. and it's just so discouraging seeing him in this state.. not wanting to help himself.. i almost cried while talking to him.. had to hold back cos my bro was around.. sigh..

Sunday, March 14, 2004

hmmm.. while im typing out another entry.. bernie is hard at work, making amends to my blog.. cos im lousy at template stuff.. so thanks bernie! heee... im template illiterate.. :| yeah.. hmm.. what else has happened the past week.. there was drill camp.. which was overnight.. yday till today.. drill on friday... thursday had piano.. and then after that i stayed at home to study for my piano exam.. oh.. my grade 8 theory.. it was okay i guess.. but very subjective.. i mean if the examiner doen'st like what u compose then that's quite the end of u.. so that's another uncertain thing.. yup
hmmm.. the week ahead is the school holidays! yeah.. so i'll be meeting more ppl and spending more time with them! but not sure if they wanna spend more time with me.. :| haahhahaha and more drill i guess.. hopefully a youth outing.. andbasically trying to enjoy myself before i start work next wk.. :)
oh yay!! bernie managed to add archives to this new design!! YAY!!! hahahaha.. :)
hmmm.. haven't blogged in a long time.. so many things have been happening.. actually im feeling quite tired.. and sometimes weary.. and i haven't an idea what to do abt so many things.. eeek...
haiz.. think only a few ppl will noe what's been going on.. so.. yup.. don't really feel like writing much today..

Monday, March 08, 2004

ooops.. just read my comments box.. hello mel! okok shall add u now.. hee..
hmmm.. i haven't written in a while.. the last few days have been... tiring.. heh.. had a good time at home today.. in the afternoon practising piano.. lazing around.. oh.. and i had driving in the morning.. heh.. did the s-course, crank course and directional change today.. all these were rather scary.. coz in the test if u even strike the curb it's like 10 points awarded to you.. eek.. and u only need 20 points to fail.. yup.. anyway.. when i was doing my assessment and i got to the directional change part, i mounted the curb.. SIGH.. and the instructor was about to pass me on my assessment.. eek
yeah.. went to the optician in the afternoon.. she asked me to buy refresh to drop in my eye after i wear my contacts each time.. coz i told her my eyes were very dry after taking my contacts off..
hmm.. yeah.. and oh well.. on sat i was quite upset during gb and after gb.. heh.. was telling jotham abt the events that happened during gb and then suddenly i couldn't control anymore and broke down.. :| guess i've just been feeling really frustrated abt everything in gb lately.. yup.. gotta pray hard.. heh..
oh well.. other than that.. i've suddenly been missing my classmates more.. haven't met them in a long time.. besides results.. must meet up soon..
oh well.. i shall stop writing here.. i think the only one who reads this blog anyway is bernie.. hahaha.. and she's in nepal now.. so i shall accumulate many entries for her.. and she'll have many entries to read when she gets back! hahaha

Friday, March 05, 2004

oh might as well elaborate.. heh.. by God's grace and nothing else.. i got 2a's and 1b for my a levels.. and an a1 for gp!! heh.. really didn't expect these kinda results.. yup.. but really really thankful and relieved..
yup.. i was really nervous today.. before i went to collect my results.. and was wondering how i'd do.. so many weird thoughts crossed my mind.. was wondering how my form teacher would give me back my results.. heh.. and i kept praying.. for His grace for me to accept my results.. and the knowledge that God has a wonderful plan for me.. :) yup..
but im so thankful.. and im quite ready to say that i don't deserve these results.. God has really been so merciful and gracious! hee..
oh well.. now for my theory exam.. which is next wk.. hehehe.. better study and prepare hard!! AHHHH!!!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.. Amen

:) im in a very thankful mood today.. :)

Monday, March 01, 2004

okay.. i've kinda "restarted" my blog.. and it's gonna be relatively more private.. heh.. i'll kinda only give my address to a few ppl.. heh.. yupyup! hahaha.. oh well.. anyway im feeling really tired and headach-y now.. so i shall not blog for now.. hmm.. :) byebye!