Friday, March 05, 2004

oh might as well elaborate.. heh.. by God's grace and nothing else.. i got 2a's and 1b for my a levels.. and an a1 for gp!! heh.. really didn't expect these kinda results.. yup.. but really really thankful and relieved..
yup.. i was really nervous today.. before i went to collect my results.. and was wondering how i'd do.. so many weird thoughts crossed my mind.. was wondering how my form teacher would give me back my results.. heh.. and i kept praying.. for His grace for me to accept my results.. and the knowledge that God has a wonderful plan for me.. :) yup..
but im so thankful.. and im quite ready to say that i don't deserve these results.. God has really been so merciful and gracious! hee..
oh well.. now for my theory exam.. which is next wk.. hehehe.. better study and prepare hard!! AHHHH!!!

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