Thursday, March 25, 2004

hmm.. it's been quite some time since i last wrote an entry... this week has been an eventful week..
i started my first week of work.. running after a whole bunch of squeamish kindergarten kids.. haha.. but it's quite enjoyable.. and a good experience.. cos i may wanna work as something to do with kids next time.. esp special kids
the kids there are at times lovable.. but can really raise my blood pressure thousand-fold at times also.. :|

there are two rather special children in each session.. one in morning one in afternoon.. the one in the morning session seems to be a world of her own.. but according to the teachers there, she's not autistic.. cos her mum brought her for "testing"... yup.. i get her to come up and do her homework with me.. and yup.. im feeling quite drawn to her.. cos i find that she's really special.. in a sense.. maybe cos i wanna work with such kids next time.. heh.. the rest of the class are as lovable.. but they're sooooo active.. heh

as for the afternoon session, the "special" kid there is HYPER ACTIVE to the MAX!! haha.. i spend half my time calling her and chasing after her.. but she's also really sweet.. and at times.. vain.. :> the girls in the afternoon session are very sweet while the guys are sooooo restless.. i even got a sore throat on wednesday cos i shouted at them too much.. heh :|

all in all, working life IS quite tiring.. but i enjoy what i do.. so i don't mind the lethargy.. at times.. :)

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