Monday, March 08, 2004

hmmm.. i haven't written in a while.. the last few days have been... tiring.. heh.. had a good time at home today.. in the afternoon practising piano.. lazing around.. oh.. and i had driving in the morning.. heh.. did the s-course, crank course and directional change today.. all these were rather scary.. coz in the test if u even strike the curb it's like 10 points awarded to you.. eek.. and u only need 20 points to fail.. yup.. anyway.. when i was doing my assessment and i got to the directional change part, i mounted the curb.. SIGH.. and the instructor was about to pass me on my assessment.. eek
yeah.. went to the optician in the afternoon.. she asked me to buy refresh to drop in my eye after i wear my contacts each time.. coz i told her my eyes were very dry after taking my contacts off..
hmm.. yeah.. and oh well.. on sat i was quite upset during gb and after gb.. heh.. was telling jotham abt the events that happened during gb and then suddenly i couldn't control anymore and broke down.. :| guess i've just been feeling really frustrated abt everything in gb lately.. yup.. gotta pray hard.. heh..
oh well.. other than that.. i've suddenly been missing my classmates more.. haven't met them in a long time.. besides results.. must meet up soon..
oh well.. i shall stop writing here.. i think the only one who reads this blog anyway is bernie.. hahaha.. and she's in nepal now.. so i shall accumulate many entries for her.. and she'll have many entries to read when she gets back! hahaha

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