Sunday, March 14, 2004

hmmm.. while im typing out another entry.. bernie is hard at work, making amends to my blog.. cos im lousy at template stuff.. so thanks bernie! heee... im template illiterate.. :| yeah.. hmm.. what else has happened the past week.. there was drill camp.. which was overnight.. yday till today.. drill on friday... thursday had piano.. and then after that i stayed at home to study for my piano exam.. oh.. my grade 8 theory.. it was okay i guess.. but very subjective.. i mean if the examiner doen'st like what u compose then that's quite the end of u.. so that's another uncertain thing.. yup
hmmm.. the week ahead is the school holidays! yeah.. so i'll be meeting more ppl and spending more time with them! but not sure if they wanna spend more time with me.. :| haahhahaha and more drill i guess.. hopefully a youth outing.. andbasically trying to enjoy myself before i start work next wk.. :)
oh yay!! bernie managed to add archives to this new design!! YAY!!! hahahaha.. :)

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