Thursday, March 18, 2004

heh.. can't help but blog this down.. it's supposed to be something serious but i can't help feeling amazed and a little amused.. dunno whether this is in the news but there was an armed robbery in JB and it is suspected that the culprits have fled to the island of tekong.of all places...
so anyway.. my friends are all stuck and quarantined inside there and there are lots of police cars there now.. my classmate was cursing and swearing just now.. heh.. cos if the culprits aren't caught those poor ns men won't be able to book out tmr or sat.. oops..
yeah.. and guard duty has to be done in standard battle order.. wow.. amazing.. yeah.. come to think of it.. it IS dangerous.. cos the culprits are armed.. so well.. hope they get caught soon..
anyway my day was quite good.. went to rachie's in the morning to have bio tuition.. we did asexual reproduction today.. i was super drowsy from the cold medicine last night.. so i couldn't concentrate much.. feared lots for my driving later as well..
yup.. after that we headed down to harbourfront for lunch.. and shared a set meal at pastamania.. today those serving us were in a bad mood so we got a small serving..
:( and yup.. we talked abt stuff.. abt life.. talked crap as well.. hee.. what's new anyway? heh..
after that i went for driving.. and yay!! i passed my evaluation for module 1!! so the next time i have a lesson, im going out on the roads! hahaha.. yup.. my instructor is very niao.. he has to have an official evaluation.. this period of time where i can't ask him questions and where i have to make my own decisions.. but anyway thank God i passed.. i was thinking i was never gonna make it past the slope.. :s hahahaha..

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