Monday, August 02, 2004

hmmm.. ok i shall take bernie's advice and blog.. haha.. i've been busy bidding for my modules the past few days.. wanted to take so many but most of them clashed and those that didn't are very popular.. SIGH.. for instance.. i wanted to try psychology.. but it's super popular.. and there's this module called "understanding emotions during interactive processes" or sth like that.. and it's super popular.. in the end i decided to bid for living with maths or food and health.. yup.. so far everything's been okay.. only thing is that everyone speaks chinese in my faculty.. most people.. haha.. so i've got a language problem! haha.. oh well.. time to practise speaking chinese..

anyway i was on tv today! after the freshmen inauguration ceremony.. i was trying to scoot off as fast as possible to visit yang in hospital.. and then i walked past this reporter whom i thought was talking to the camera man.. little did i know they were actually filming.. haha.. so im on tv! but sheesh.. for the wrong reasons.. :

yupyup.. then when i got home from the hospital, i slept from 3 to 7!! oh man.. i must have been so tired.. and i woke up with a headache.. sigh.. and there's still school tmr.. some talk by a lecturer or sth.. yup.. today's ceremony.. all the deans and masters of hall looked like they just came off the set of harry potter... heh

im thinking of staying in hall next yr.. prince georges park.. the place where they don't bother much abt u.. leave u to do ur own stuff.. no meals provided.. no hall master.. no hall activities.. just me, myself and my laptop! haha.. im gonna pray abt it so pray along with me! :)

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