Monday, January 17, 2005

yay! im back after over one month of blogging.. haha after persistent bernie bugged me to blog! :) sigh.. boy.. has this been a busy and eventful month.. i guess my thoughts are jumbled up.. mixed feelings abt lots of things.. :S i feel my life has changed quite abit in a way..

well.. what with the tsunamis and all and thinking thru many issues.. i still maintain that God is good.. and i'm thankful for so many things He has done over the past month :)
school has started.. tutorial registrations are a BIG headache.. i stayed up till 1 am to sign up for a tutorial group and the whole system went down!! argh!!! and when it was up again, all the places got snapped up again.. arghhh!!!!! :s

ok now i have to rush for badminton! i'll update again soon!! argh!! sorry for being so vague bernie.. heeee

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