Wednesday, July 05, 2006

reading blogs is so interesting.. quite a few of the pharm ppl have been blogging about preceptorship. i guess im not much of an exception.

been so tired lately.. sometimes i'm so tired i have no appetite.. and other times, i'm so tired i have such a big appetite. heh.. indecisive stomach i have! having to stand up quite alot when im working makes me appreciate sitting down.. and having to wear covered shoes makes me appreaciate being able to wear slippers everywhere else i go. haha..

but it's not too bad. i don't mind what i'm doing now, just that i get pretty nervous when im blur and do silly things.. like foul up at the cash register or forget where certain items are placed.. etc etc etc.

and at the end of the day, i like to lie down and dream that my aching body and legs are being massaged. hahaha.. that's working life.. for me.

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