Wednesday, September 13, 2006

heh.. it's amazing what a mere half an hour on the piano after dinner can do.. i feel so much more refreshed now after one long tiring day at school. came up with my own jazz rendition of "lead me to calvary" (though it was purely hitting on all the 7ths and 9ths i could possibly hit) and spent some time doing technical stuff. i realise my fingers have gone rather rusty..

pharmaco test tomorrow. oh well.. i'll see how that goes.. maybe i should spend some time during term break composing music to drug names! then maybe i'd be able to remember them better.. :>

but thank God.. really thank God He's kept me.. and that i'm not feeling terribly depressed by the pile of work that's mercilessly waiting for me.. and that i'm not feeling so bogged down by things..

"lest i forget Thine love for me,
lead me to calvary."

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