Thursday, December 07, 2006

heh.. just scrapped my previous post. thought it was pretty pointless..

i just mused in the shower. i love taking long showers though it aggravates my asthma.. but somehow i realise many things about God and myself in the shower.

today in the shower, i mused about a rocky relationship. somehow, relationship issues always bring me back to my relationship with God.. because i've always held to the notion that relationships between a man and a woman mirror our relationship with God, though the latter definitely takes precedence.

as i mused and prayed.. i realised how much we take God for granted and how we use Him as an excuse sometimes to fulfil our own desires. so often, we use the phrase "thank God" and we go to God when we are facing dire circumstances.. but what struck me was this question: "is this what God wants of us? solely to be acknowledged by us in Name?" my reply to well.. the steam around me was "definitely not.." so often, we acknowledge God's hand in our lives but refuse to take time to listen to Him, spend time building a relationship with Him..

well, i'll be the first to admit that i'm so guilty of that. i still remember my conversation with wei'en a few weeks ago when i acknowledged God and shared that indeed, He has been faithful. but when asked about my prayer life, i had to confess that i was struggling.. i was and still am. after the sermon on prayer the other day, i felt led to wake up early every morning to pray for 2 hours.. but all my attempts failed. the snooze button on my phone is probably rusted and tainted by now.

i guess musings like that do demand a response. i don't know what made me suddenly want to blog about this.. maybe just to share and build up. so.. yep. back to GEK1045.

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