Wednesday, January 24, 2007

On hindsight, one months fly by really quickly. (when you're having fun)

I was relieved that I had made it when my exams finally ended, and looking forward to one month of good, solid rest. Before I knew it, school had started again. The holidays were memorable though. I still remember how I kept praying that I would hold out till the end of the exams because I didn't want to repeat the semester again. And God did.. I only landed in the hospital after that. Though it was horrible, I'm so thankful that I wasn't in that state one week earlier or later.

One month ago, I was waiting in anticipation for Joses' return. Before I knew it, it was time to go again. Though the loss stings me from time to time, I thank God for the month that passed.

Now i hope one month flies by really quickly while i'm in school.. so that CNY would come soon. heh.

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