Monday, July 19, 2004

haiz.. my dad's poor car.. it's suffered alot under my hands.. hahaha.. let me list the things i did to it since i first started driving.. hmm.. the very night i passed.. i took the car out and knocked into my neighbour's dustbin, almost parked in my living room, gave my bro many heart attacks.. haha.. last week i turned the ignition key the wrong way and the engine gave a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooud screeeeeeeeeeech!! boy.. was my dad pissed.. then today i gave the car it's maiden scratch when i brushed against the wall at a multi-storey carpark today..
oh well.. there IS a first time for everything.. i guess me and my mazda got started on the wrong foot.. : anyway my dad's quite resigned to his fate.. so he said he won't repair the car until i've finished scratching it.. (not that im intending to damage it anymore) haha.. but guess who'll have to pay for the repairs.. *scratches head*
haha.. but well.. i guess it just means i need more practise.. and i do! and i will! without doing anymore damage to the car i hope.. at least i know my reaction is slow.. turnings too wide.. judgement not too good.. parking practically hopeless.. well well.. lots to improve eh? haha..
other than that.. hmm.. i've been packing my room these days.. it's in a hazardous state though.. cos i've only packed part of it.. yup.. time to get ready for uni..

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