Monday, July 05, 2004

heee.. i passed my driving test!!! thank God!! :) was so nervous before that.. and it really looked like there was gonna be a huge thunderstorm.. but God really held back the rain.. in fact throughout my test it wasn't even drizzling.. heh.. Praise God! and my tester wasn't so grumpy after all.. heh.. after the test, i wanted to go up to my "grumpy" instructor to thank him for helping me.. he's the one who taught me the most times out of all the instructors and though at times he was so strict and fierce, he really taught me many things and gave me many tips! yupyup..

other than that.. i guess things have been happening here and there.. been having alot of mixed feelings.. but too tired to blog them down! im so mentally tired but i can't sleep! aaaaaah!! hee.. and i've got to work tmr! oh.. some of the guys came over yday to watch soccer.. eug, nathan, bennett and jon.. the ironic thing was that they stayed up till the match and most of them fell asleep within the first five mins of the match.. hahaha.. my mum commented that they were the most well-behaved bunch who have ever stayed overnight at my house before.. haha..

yup.. next thing to get done is to play for the grade 4 violinist this friday.. go for my medical check up next wk.. and repair my mp3 player!!

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