Tuesday, November 09, 2004

haha i just have to blog abt this! just went to east coast park.. alone.. just me, myself and God.. haha.. went there to cycle.. and after awhile.. i sat by the seaside and just looked out into the sea.. besides those ugly looking ships and carriers, the view was pretty good.. especially since the weather in the morning was so good!

there were fluffy white clouds and blue skies.. and the sun! yeah! i just sat there, admiring the scenery and the waves.. and felt really at peace.. haven't felt this way in a long time! i sang songs.. prayed.. and just stared out into the vast ocean.. if only there weren't those ships.. ergh!
after that i went to bedok jetty.. and stared out into the open again.. watched a few planes land, the rays of sun falling on the water.. and saw a few fish in the water too.. sigh.. the view was just breahtaking! haha.. i wanna do this again! and again! and again!

sigh.. so many things have been crossing my mind lately.. and i've been feeling moody too.. maybe that's why i fell sick.. haha but today's trip to east coast really helped!

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