Wednesday, November 24, 2004

haha.. i just finished the most mentally draining paper of my life.. oh boy.. towards the end i was just thinking "hurry up just let it end" even though i hadn't really finished doing a few parts of a question.. haha.. and now my brain feels like it needs a break.. oh boy.. but thank God He's brought me through.. especially through this paper.. my weakest module.. i was so nervous but during the exam He gave me peace.. despite me not putting in 100%.. as always He's been so gracious.. so whatever result i get for this.. im just gonna thank God.. whether i pass or fail..

sigh.. other than that.. my life has been.. tiring.. emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.. guess things are not really going well everywhere i go.. and so many things have been stressing me out.. i don't really know when this is gonna end.. but i know if it keeps continuing im gonna suffer from a nervous breakdown.. argh!! i need a break!!

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