Thursday, March 24, 2005

haha ok it's time for an update! like finally right bernie? hahahahaha!! well, the last few posts have been penned like when i went thru significant events in my life.. ie. when my dog went missing!! yah! but thank God he's been found!!!

hmmm.. 2 days to being in limbo.. that's when i turn 20.. and i'm neither a teen nor an adult.. sigh.. the big 2.. oh boy.. am i getting old! :( but well.. im glad im spending this birthday with quite alot of ppl.. just met joshua the other day.. and i had to treat him to cafe cartel.. sheesh.. :s but nvm.. i'll get a treat back soon! haha.. then yday was spent with the twins.. although it was to plan for the may 21st event.. yup.. and they kept making me laugh by rubbing their tummies!! hahahaha.. ok.. my humour.. no one can understand..

tonight i'll be having mentoring with my girls! yay! sounds like i have many daughters right? but no! i don't.. haha.. yep.. tmr there's good friday service.. then will be having lunch with the 85 guys.. followed by celebration with my pharm friends.. sat morning will be spent teaching piano, then spending some time with my family.. before meeting the 88 gals for lunch! yay! then going for baptism party.. haha.. quite happening ya. :)

gonna sleep now.. when i wake up i'll spend some time with God..

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