Friday, March 17, 2006

just got home from cycling! it was good.. just taking a break. left everything at home and i cycled to east coast park with bryan. we stopped by bedok jetty for awhile. stood there looking up at the stars and stoning at the waves. haha.. i remembered what i learnt from my qt a few days ago.. "even the wind and the waves obey Him".. yup. all in all, was a good time. sharing.. cycling.. dragging the bike across the bridge.

haha. when i think abt this week, the stuff that lingered most in my mind was the humongous sushi buffet we had yesterday and our tried and tested theory on snorting, the horribly disgusting smell of e.coli when we were disposing of our microB specimens today in lab, pharmaco lab and rabbit intestines, and the aunty at the microB lab telling laiyi to be careful when disposing of the bacteria, lest he spill some on one of our heads.. eek.

that's it. i can't remember anything else.. haha. except that after next wk, i have many long weeks coming up ahead. somehow, i am always reminded of that whenever i go for microB.. cos she'll remind us that we have 3 presentations and at the end there's always a short quiz. not forgetting our pract test. heh.. *whines*

just now, my parents were really funny. they were showing me this aquamarine pendant they got for me for my birthday, cos apparently that's my birthstone. then my mum said.. "i wanted to get you a diamond, but it was too expensive." then i asked.. "huh? why? i don't need it what." and she replied simply "cos diamonds are a girl's best friend" haha.. day to day ramblings in the tan household.

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