Sunday, March 12, 2006

"You knew this day at my creation
You knew my life from birth
Though I ran from You
You never took Your eyes off me
You shine Your light into my presence
To reveal Your faithfulness
I'll run this race all of my days
Till I see Your face

On that day,
when I walk down this aisle
I know my King will be waiting for me
On that day,
in that heavenly place,
The angels sing the beautiful Name
of the Lord...

-The Groom and His bride

this is half of the song my cousin wrote for his wedding day. it brought me very close to tears when he sang it just now. i was reminded of Christ's second coming, and the hope i had to have.. but more than that.. it was a testimony of God's work in the life of my cousin. the amazing lifechange in a person i've known all my life. i just felt so overwhelmed. seeing how he uses his talents for God's glory.. the way he loves God, his wife and family so much.. the way he serves so fervently at the workplace and in church. a few years ago, i wouldn't have even thought i'd be witnessing all these things. maybe it was also God reminding me of His faithfulness and His ability to accomplish the impossible. sigh..

spent quite some time talking to my uncle and cousin before and during the wedding dinner as well. both shared quite alot with me today. maybe that's it.. maybe God uses suffering and struggling to mould us and bring us closer to Him.. to constantly remind us to trust in Him. i've never really felt like i needed to struggle so much before.. it's been so tiring, sometimes i just feel like giving up. but yeah.. i shouldn't..

i wish you came today. it's been such a long time.

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