Saturday, April 01, 2006

and they bully my favourite dog. (besides my own, that is)
-photo taken by yin

haha.. and im sitting here, about to start work again. missed my friend's birthday party cos i have 5 tests this week. and lots of work left to do. but anyhow, this week was an interesting week. take for example, the fact that i foolishly mishandled my ditch-filled agar plate and ended up having no bacterial growth in one plate during my microB pract test. sigh.. but at least i could account for that.

and yesterday morning on the way to school, peiru and i were playing hide-and-seek. she got off the mrt, thinking i was waiting for her at the station. and i got on the mrt, thinking she was gonna look for me in the train!! and we did it twice in a row!! horrors!! by the time we found each other, we were at city hall i think. :s and yeah, both of us had gotten on 3 mrts. just for a single trip to buona vista.. oops!

yeah, but there's really lots to thank God for. i thought i wouldn't be able to get past this week, but i did. and i guess i will for the coming week too.. 5 tests await me! after that i have another birthday party... heh. i hope mr lee ah mat drives.

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