Friday, April 07, 2006

*phew* here i am.. at the end of one of the longest days in the semester.. feeling like a stone. the day was really long.. first time in my life i had three tests in a row, one after the other. i had to switch modes continuously. but thankfully, psych and sdl weren't that bad. it was pharmaco that killed. by then, my brain was kinda fried anyway. heh.. and i guessed even though it was negative marking! couldn't help it.. :s

anyway, i am gonna study less over the weekend. really need the break.. need to prepare for presentation on wednesday and microB tutorial on tuesday.. but generally that's all im gonna do, plus draw up my study schedule for exams. then monday i'll go full steam. heh.. i hope!!!!

and yah.. i ended up not going for that birthday party! but we did end up at holland v for dinner. haha.. but well, it was a good time catching up.

tired. im refuse to type anymore...

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