Sunday, May 21, 2006

haha.. how time flies. i think it was exactly a year ago that we organized CSI:SG. now, one year later, things have changed so much.

it was a tiring day today.. the sermon really struck me. especially the part about prayer. prayer.. not just about being crafted out beautifully, but prayer, out of holy desperation and of deepest surrender and dependence on God. that is when God's hand moves..

i realised that i haven't been praying enough. i've been taking prayer for granted. i mean, when you think about it. the greatest privilege given to mankind.. to commune with the God of all things, and yet i pass on such a privilege and would rather turn my attention to other things. yeah.. we all need to pray more, individually and as a church...

Lord we humbly come before You
we don't deserve of You what we ask
but we long to see Your glory
restore this dying land

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