Monday, May 08, 2006

heh.. post-exam days have been spent rather enjoyably. (if there's even a word) i've been running around pigging out quite abit, started on a new book, got meself a haircut! went shopping with my mum today (surprise surprise!) and been surfing funny websites.. (guess my recent favourite)

well, i still got alot to accomplish this hols.. wanna finish reading the NT by the end of May.. and start on OT by June.. lots more books to read, gotta think more about the worship team and youth sunday, my mentoring girls and the DGLs, and i NEED to pack my room! seriously need to throw stuff, get rid of the mess on the floor and what not. and i need more exercise! more badminton and swimming and running! :)and yeah, i wanna meet up with everyone.. it's been such a long time. GB-ers, MGS ppl.. my JC class.. etc.

haha, on a more serious note, as i was shopping today, i realised i was unconsciously thinking this: "if only i had.... if only i had... " then i stopped myself cos this phrase came to me: godliness with contentment is great gain. then i started wondering what it meant to be content. i thought about being totally satisfied next time in God's presence. and i was reminded that next time, i will be contented not with everything i wanted, but everything i needed. and well, everything i need is God. that's all. and i will be solely content with that! wow! i can't wait to live in total contentment.. for eternity.

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