Wednesday, April 21, 2004

haha.. haven't blogged in a looooooooong time.. oh well.. i don't blog much nowadays.. :| watching the new chinese show now.. with the jeanette aw and tay ping hui.. haha.. i prefer jeanette aw in holland v though.. the blur kind.. in this show i don't find her that good.. heh
ok.. let's list down stuff that's been happening to me lately.. i managed to book my final theory test on 11th may.. so while all of u out there are having ur exams, i'll be sitting for my FTT too!! haha.. yup.. will have to study for it this time.. during the trial test i didn't noe how to do so many.. eek
hmm.. other than that.. yeah.. been hearing alot of things abt some of the kids at the kindergarten.. abt their parents and the problems they face.. there are even two of them whose parents got involved in a "manslaughter" case kinda thing.. so scary.. must be really tough on the two children.. their mum will come to see them during sch hours only.. and their dad's in jail.. so sad..
and yday there was the nicoll highway incident.. and yday night i heard someone committed suicide at the block opposite my workplace.. so sad.. and knowing that someone jumped just the night before nearby, i also felt a little uneasy.. i dunno. it's just the creeps.. heh..
oh well.. i guess all these really reminds me abt my testimony as a christian.. abt being the salt and light of the world.. i think i haven't been an outstanding testimony at work.. hmm.. i don't do anything wrong or what.. but i have had so many opportunities to share with my colleages, but i just don't have the courage to speak out for Jesus. there were times we shared abt religion.. abt terrorists.. on quite a few different occasions, but so far i've just been listening to their views.. sigh.. i need the courage!!! aaaaaaah!!
heh.. so much for that..
well.. another thing is that i've been rushing from place to place the past few weeks.. i find that i don't have much time to myself.. and when i do, i spend it sleeping.. haha.. like a pig.. oh no. .is this what my future working life is gonna be like? i sure hope not..

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