Thursday, April 08, 2004

hmmm.. im starting to realise that i blog abt an average of once a week.. cos ahhhh!! lack of timee.. haha.. oh well.. anyway this wk was a short week.. most of my classes were in the morning though in the afternoons i still spent my time running after squeamish children.. ;) but i guess i really find my love for the kids growing.. yupyup! and though some are REALLY irritating at times.. well, when i think back and i think of these kids, it just brings a smile to my face.. heh
haha.. besides that.. today i mustered up courage to ask my dad to the good friday service tmr.. and noe what? he told me he had to cut his hair!!argh!!!! then i told him that cutting his hair wouldn't even take much of his time and he could do it after the service and he didn't answer.. :| haiz.. oh well
othen than that.. most issues i've been facing have been getting better or chapters of my life have been closed.. haha.. thats' abt it! im so tired i wanna zzzzzzzzzzzzzz NOW!! bryan's coming to stay over btw.. heh.. cos he's following us to church tmr.. hahaha.. so i'll have to sleep in my own room tonight.. sigh!!

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