Monday, April 05, 2004

hmmm.. haven't blogged in a long while.. nowadays i hardly have time to come online, let alone blog.. anyway as im blogging now, i'm watching the new chinese show.. heh.. quite okay i guess.. so far! haha
yup.. lots of things have been happening.. some have left me tired, some hurt, some happy, some sad, some excited.. hahaha.. so many different emotions.. all in one week!
yeah.. i shall just mention some of the happy stuff! haha.. like drill com! yeah!! 54th, 17th and 46th coy got a gold!! ahhhhhh!! so happy for the girls! hehehe.. :> anyway i was so proud of them when i saw them marching! haha
hmm.. some of the sad things were the inability to catch up with the '85 army guys and my classmates.. didn't even get a chance to meet up last wk.. except for that short 1 hour at mark's house.. i just went there to say byebye to him.. haha.. hope he's fine in there..
anyway most of the guys have gotten their postings.. yup.. managed to talk abit to josh yday.. haven't spoken to him in a long time cos i was abit pissed at him.. but oh well.. i shall not go into details.. :| work has been normal.. tiring hahahaha..
oh well.. yup.. that's all for now.. *distracted and looking at the television*

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