Thursday, September 09, 2004

hmmm.. haven't blogged in almost a month! im drowning in school.. that's why.. hahahaha.. yep.. i haven't really had time to log on except to download notes.. print out notes.. go on msn.. check mail.. that's abt it.. heh.. oh well.. and im sick today! since last night i've been sneezing.. sore throat.. headache.. and im still recovering from a bad stomachache.. spent most of my time in the toilet just now.. and the pain was.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. crazy.. haha.. yeah..

sigh.. this week has been a sad week so far.. aunty beng choo passed away.. hmm.. though i was never really close to her.. nevertheless, she's been updating so frequently on the church email.. prayer updates and all.. see her around pretty often in church too.. and i've heard so much abt her.. even my pharmacy friends noe her.. cos she used to teach them.. yeah.. and during the funeral, could really see the pain in the eyes of her family members.. thinking of all that just makes me feel so sad.. haiz.. but well, we must thank God that she's free from all the pain.. and in a place that's so much better than here.. yupp..

watching singapore idol now.. so i shall stop here.. today's contestants are not too bad.. heh..

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