Wednesday, September 22, 2004

heh.. time to update! haven't been online the past few days.. sigh.. this is bad! it's the holidays and before that, i'd resolved to catch up with lectures and study for the THREE tests that i have at the end of the week! but noe what!??!! i've been watching huan zhu ge ge!!! ahhhhhh!! it started with an innocent longing to watch tv.. and no nice programmes on tv to watch.. so i had to turn to vcds.. and well.. vcds ARE addictive.. so.. yeah.. i'll be cheonging like mad, studying tonight! heh..

other than that.. my new car came today! yay! collected it from the workshop.. oh to those who dunno.. my bro and i are sharing a car.. i dunno whether i told all of u or not.. can't remember.. *scratches head* yup.. heee.. so exciting! :)

yup.. have to do my qt tonight and practise my piano!! remind me!!! :)

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