Sunday, September 12, 2004

oh my gosh.. i still feel as if im bobbing up and down in the water! haha.. as u all can guess.. i just got back from canoeing.. heh.. this week's one was more challenging than last week's.. but more fun also.. haha.. last week we did the two-man canoe.. and this week we did the one-man one.. yup.. i've done the two-man one quite alot of times already so i was quite used to it..but whoa.. i've only done the one-man one once in my life.. haha and today was the second one.. and today's canoe was super unstable..

heh.. the course was actually quite fun.. they taught us quite alot of strokes.. brought us around the kallang basin.. which is very large! and scary.. especially when the wind is blowing and the sky is dark.. heh.. that was before lunch.. i was so scared! after lunch.. the sun was up and it was so HOT!! im totally red now.. all the bb boys were laughing at me.. and i have no idea why i became so red..

yupyup.. anyway today.. haha.. we had to do quite alot of capsize.. but the last one was the most fun.. cos they made everyone capsize at the same time! and there was no one on the canoe at all.. so we had to find a way to get back on and empty our canoe.. lots of water.. haha.. it was so fun!! hahahaha.. yup..

oh well.. how was church? missed church.. and the 85 gathering.. mark called and said everyone was there.. including bryan and i guess nick too.. sigh.. missed it.. :( oh well.. there'll be another chance.. i hope.. other than that.. my life's been hectic.. cos of sch.. but guess what?? i have 4 days of holiday next wk!!! nus is so kiam siap.. can't even give us one whole week of hols.. : yup.. so from the 20th to 23rd of september, i'll be free!!! :) at least i hope.. and studying for all the tests after that.. arghhhhhhhhh..

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