Sunday, October 24, 2004

haha.. back after not blogging for sooooooo long.. the past week has been the most hectic so far! : i had two tests on the same day.. physical pharm and physio.. super shiong.. and i had a project and 7 disgusting lab reports to hand in! sigh.. thus, i have been really busy!

anyway wanted to blog abt church today.. service today was really good.. and really refreshing.. lethal combination of uncle lim eng and uncle eng wah.. heh.. uncle lim eng is a really good worship leader.. and uncle eng wah.. needless to say a good speaker.. some things he said really impressed on my heart today.. more than ever.. where he spoke on Psalm 24.. and really brought me back in awe of God.. indeed the earth is the Lord's and everything in it.. and who may climb the mountain of the Lord? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.. after listening to today's sermon, i was even more convicted to be obedient to God.. i know it won't be easy cos the devil will always be whispering negative stuff into my ear.. like recently.. when i thought abt the salvation of my unsaved dad and pharm friends and jc classmates.. i would blame myself for not having the courage to speak up and ask them to church or something.. it's really so difficult to.. but all the more i have to try.. :s by God's grace, i'll be able to muster up some courage soon!

yup.. other than that.. this week i've a rather relaxing week.. no morning lessons at all.. but i've to use my time wisely to study for my test on sat! anatomy.. haha.. sigh.. so many things to remember.. :

oh and guess what? something really horrible happened today.. i was driving my grandparents home.. then i almost drove off with my grandfather halfway into the car! eek!! if my bro didn't start shouting i wouldn't have known.. :s sigh.. so careless of me!!

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