Wednesday, October 06, 2004

hmm.. sth not so funny happened to me on monday.. (although alot of ppl think it's funny) :. i was supposed to go to mozi's house before badminton after school to have dinner.. and so i drove there.. and parked there.. and then i went up.. went to do some work.. after awhile.. i realised my handphone was still in the car.. so i went back to the car to get it. LO AND BEHOLD!! i saw this slip of paper with the police logo on it.. saying i was fined cos i parked along the continuous white line.. argh!! my first instinct was like oh my gosh im so dead.. my dad's gonna murder me.. haiz.. from what i heard the fine was 70 bucks.. eek. i hope they don't give demerit points too..

anyway, when i was leaving at 1o o clock at night.. i was driving down sixth ave.. then the lights turned amber and then red just as i passed the stop line.. hmm.. it's quite a split second kinda thing.. dunno whether there was red-light camera there or not, but i most certainly hope NOT cos that one will really cost me 12 demerit points and a fine of 200.. so im really really really praying.. eek.. drove past that traffic light again today and took a closer look.. most likely there isn't a camera there.. *phew* my dad says our car is gonna be famous soon.. first my bro forgot to slot in the cash card and went past the erp gantry.. then this.. sigh. careless careless..

oh well.. i have to study for a prac test tmr.. and do my tutorial! haha.. have been staying up late the past few nights.. doing my project and talking to my pharmacy friends online.. haha.. yupyup. and yay! newblog skin that looks like fifi.. btw.. fifi is sick.. :( his leg has been giving him so much problem! sigh..

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