Thursday, June 14, 2007

Every Wednesday at the pharmacy, I would help prepare syringes for this lady in her late thirties who is suffering from cancer. Because she cannot swallow properly, she needs to be tube-fed. Sometimes, we would need to prepare syringes on Friday as well. And occasionally, her husband would come by personally to collect them.

Yesterday, as usual, I prepared those syringes. As I struggled to stick the labels nicely on them, Bob was telling me it didnt' make much of a difference since her husband had been tube-feeding her for ages and he didn't really need to look at labels anymore. I asked whether her husband had to work, cos tube-feeding a cancer patient four times a day was really no joke. He said he did, and he'd do it three times a day, the only time he didn't do it was at noon, when he was at work. During that time, a homecare nurse would take over. Then he added, "pretty dedicated man, i must say".

Boy do i have to agree. "in sickness and in health.... till death do us part." That phrase came to me as I worked on those syringes. Living out those vows he made back at the altar. His wife probably wasn't looking her best now, but nonetheless, the kind of dedication and love he has for her is truly commendable.

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