Sunday, June 24, 2007

we went to visit 2 festivals today, "the works", an art festival and the edmonton international jazz festival. there was this street stage at the works, which was at winston churchill square.

so we bought buffalo fries and a drink each and sat down to watch this country song performance by a few young people. it was pretty good, now i understand why american idol/canadian idol standards are so much higher than that of those back home. i uploaded a video of my favourite performer on my multiply site. she has a very good voice and pretty good stage skills as well. too bad the video quality on my camera wasn't that good.. could hear the wind blowing away. i wanted to upload a video of my favourite dancer too, but figured it wouldn't be very edifying. heh.

the jazz performance was abit of a disappointment, maybe cos we were stingy enough just to take a look at the free one. it was like sitting at any hotel lounge listeinng to the pianist play. and we had to order expensive food from the hotel. grrr.. so sarah and i got err.. hot wings! here are some pictures...

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