Saturday, June 26, 2004

heh.. just came back from driving again.. i've got two more lessons before the actual test.. and i REALLY hope my test route is an easy one.. eek.. the instructor is giving me more and more pressure.. to perform for the test.. he keeps saying i can do it.. just that i have to relax when there are alot of cars around.. blah blah blah.. eek..

anyway.. the past two days were spent in the office doing the bulletin.. heh.. and yeah! we've finished the bulletin! although it didn't turn out as nice as we wanted it to be.. wow.. the effort put in from every single one of the bulletin ppl was tremendous! haha.. yup.. all of you did a great job! :) and i'll remember the times we were complaining.. whining.. singing.. laughing.. hahahaha.. so fun.. :)

yup.. anyway im going back to work in the kindergarten for two weeks.. half day.. cos my colleague went for an operation and has two weeks mc.. yup.. two weeks of more shouting and screaming!

hmmm.. sth's wrong with my contact lenses.. everytime i wear them my left eye gets swollen..

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