Saturday, June 12, 2004

hmmm.. yesterday's driving lesson was quite comic la.. my instructor was this really steady guy.. very relaxed also.. practically sleeping while i was driving and occasionally grunting "turn right, turn left, u-turn".. so everything in the circuit and the road went quite well.. then we got back into the circuit again.. and i was quite pleased.. so i was just sitting back and relaxing when he suddenly tapped on the dashboard.. which means i've to jam brakes.. and i got such a shock i didn't jam on my brakes.. heh.. oh well

well, his reaction was quite funnie.. he said "the last few years in our centre, no one has ever failed on emergency brake.. pls don't break our record" sheeeeeeeesh.. heh.. oh well.. my reaction nowadays is really very slow.. so i'll have to work on that..

anyway.. today's lionel's and melissa's wedding! yup.. so exciting.. the first of the four brothers who is getting married..

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