Sunday, June 06, 2004

hmmmm.. im sitting here.. writing this now.. been really busy these few days.. haven't really thought about stuff.. well.. i guess my mood has gotten better.. i guess when im in groups i feel happier.. it's only sometimes when i'm alone that i start feeling it again.. oh well..

i guess i need to remember aunty ruby's words.. pray against bitterness.. and pray against depression.. there were definitely those times when i just sank into depression cos of what was happening.. but truly by God's grace.. He's given me alot of strength.. and desire to salvage the situation.. im sorry if this is sounding vague.. but there's really no way i can say more.. :|

hmmm.. yeah.. just read stuff bernie wrote.. hmm.. bernie!! be strong k? i still remember there were times i didn't feel like taking our dg too.. those years when we were having problems.. i even had thoughts of like handing the dg over to siyan.. but thank God i didn't.. if not i wouldn't have been able to see you wonderful gals thru! press on gal.. keep praying for them no matter how down you feel.. if you need anyone to help you or guide you i will try as much as i can! :)

as for the rest of the group.. im really sorry if i've been neglecting you guys.. esp mozi and grace!! ahhh!! haven't been able to talk to mozi and grace!! okay.. im hoping to spend more time with the three of you during church camp.. bernie, mozi and yiling.. heeee.. yupyup and my two imps amandie and rachie.. haha.. and carol!!

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